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Amenco and Sustainability

Amenco and Sustainability

Social sustainability suggests the equality of individuals, based on the well-being of the population.

For this, the participation of the population is necessary, in order to strengthen the proposals for social development, access to education, culture and health. Currently, many corporate social responsibility strategies are based on sustainability.

Sustainable products and actions in the business area gain prominence and the taste of consumers. People are increasingly aware of the ecological and social weight of their choices. In this case, the company has a responsible attitude towards environmental and social values. In addition to being based on preserving the environment and improving people's quality of life.

Economic sustainability is based on a sustainable management model. This implies the proper management of natural resources, which aim at economic growth, social development and improvement of income distribution.

In short, it corresponds to the capacity to produce, distribute and use the wealth produced by man, seeking a fair distribution of income.