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Believing in work has done us good throughout history. Year after year, our commitment to quality has increased, our facilities have expanded, and the way we face each day has become a goal: the pursuit of excellence.

More than joining tradition and modernity, we combine purpose and choice, efficiency and productivity, quality and safety, honesty and transparency. With management that is always attentive to creating and maintaining a bond of trust with our partners and suppliers, we inspire this responsibility in our team and together we bring to the client a proposal that brings forth ever more partnerships and loyalty.

With a lot of work and dedication today we are recognized nationally and internationally for being committed, not only to ourselves, but above all to the entire peanut industry in Brazil. All this recognition achieved was only possible thanks to our perseverance and love for the peanut sector. Today our love for peanuts has reached the world and you can share that feeling with us.

Amenco is concerned with building its history over the years and has structured its activities on three main pillars: honesty, constant pursuit of excellence and love for peanuts. These three pillars condition its projects, actions and forward thinking.

Pleased to meet you, we are Amenco.



Amenco is concerned with building its history over the years, for this reason it has structured its activities on three main pillars, namely: quality, the search for modernization and the love of its product: peanuts.
Quality Policy and  Food Safety

Quality Policy and Food Safety

The Senior Management of the company Amenco Agroindustrial Ltda., together with its employees, is committed to providing safe and quality products, ensuring compliance with customer requirements and legal requirements of national and international regulatory bodies.

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We have a deep appreciation for our work product: peanuts. But this relationship is much more intense than that and has nuances that go beyond just a business relationship.

Peanut is one of the main products of our field, it is with it that many farmers and rural workers seek their livelihood.

Therefore, the feeling we have for this seed that nourishes life in our region is remarkable. We seek to translate all this love into the respect with which we interact with the peanut culture, spreading all our suppliers, employees, clients and consumers with the same feeling, so that the work here is as pleasurable as it is for us.



We believe that the tradition added to technology and the continuous pursuit of quality brings great results, so we are continually investing in our infrastructure, machinery, equipment and management systems. Among numerous investments ranging from the field, through the processes of drying, storage and shelling, we are just building a new Blanching Plant that will be operational in the 2020 Crop, with a capacity to produce up to 15,000 tons/year of product.

The modernization of our company is not only achieved so that the excellence of our end product is achieved, it is also sought so that we can offer guarantees to our suppliers, so that our employees are comfortable in the development of their roles and that we can produce in an increasingly efficient and safe way for our clients.

Technology is an instrument that serves the company’s goals, and here it serves to improve our processes and our quality of work.

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We are driven by the satisfaction of our customers and results, we need people passionate about what they do and who want to go further and further.